Documents required for the Article Publication and Brief formatting requirements


1. An application containing the information about the author (authors): the last name, first name, patronymic, name of employer (the full name of the organization in Russian and English), science degree, academic title, position, research direction (science branch: economics, agricultural or technical sciences), contact phone number, e-mail address and postal address with a postal code (MS Word).

2. A covering letter from the organization on the basis of which the work was carried out (except for the employees of Kurgan State Agricultural Academy), indicating the organization full name in Russian and English. The letter has no particular form.

3. An article in paper (1 copy of computer printout) and electronic (E-mail message, MS Word format) versions issued according to the requirements.

4. An abstract containing 1000-2000 printed chars (200-250 words) in Russian and English.

5. An external review made by the doctor of sciences in the author’s research area (jpg format).

6. A photo (a portrait en face) of the first two authors in jpg format enabling of at least 300 dpi.


Article Execution Requirements

Reference List Drawing-Up

Summary and Abstract


Файлы для скачивания (вложения):
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Скачать файл (Требования к реферату и аннотации.doc)Требования к реферату и аннотации.docТребования к реферату и аннотации35 Kb10.05.2018 11:30
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